The existing material value of a worn or lightly damaged bearing can be salvaged by a comprehensive bearing reconditioning process. Cost savings of 20% to 80% of a replacement bearing are typically provided.

The first step in this process is a thorough cleaning and inspection to determine its condition.

Raceways are polished or re-ground as required, new components such as rollers manufactured, and cage pockets enlarged.

Specifically, all worn or damaged surfaces have been reground or replaced and the bearing completely restored.

Final inspection completes the process as all components are 100% inspected to ensure every reconditioned bearing meets our highest quality standards to give the user many more hours of service life.

Our Steps for Bearing Repair

  • Clean
  • Disassemble and inspect
  • Qualify existing components
  • Engineer the rework or design replacement components
  • Heat treatment
  • Rework or manufacture new cages
  • Inspect reworked parts
  • Assemble
  • Clean and preserve
  • Package
  • Ship