Induction Heating Devices

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Your benefit:

  • Easy operation via touchscreen
  • Time savings of up to 50%
  • Energy consumption cut by up to 50%
  • Safe heating

Comprehensive reasons to use HEATER devices

More user-friendly

Their modern touchscreen allows the HEATER devices to be operated even more easily (in 21 languages).

More productivity

Compared to the previous model, the new heaters allow time savings of 30 – 50% to be achieved thanks to their significantly higher level of efficiency (0.7 – 0.9). The associated energy requirements are reduced as a result.

More reliability

With their proven ramp control and new Delta T control, these devices can also safely heat rolling bearings with reduced radial clearance.

Split Spherical Roller Bearings

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Split spherical roller bearings are principally used where the replacement of unsplit spherical roller bearings would require costly additional work, such as the removal of gears and couplings, the dismounting of drives or the dismantling of shaft power trains.

The use of split spherical roller bearings shortens the downtime of machinery and plant when replacing bearings and the costs involved in bearing replacement are massively reduced. In new designs too, split spherical roller bearings can give considerable cost savings in many cases, since the plant can be simplified and the assembly work required is reduced.

In split spherical roller bearings, the inner ring, outer ring and cage with the roller set are split in half. The split bearing rings are held together by screws.

The internal construction of most split spherical roller bearings corresponds to that of unsplit spherical roller bearings. Split spherical roller bearings have a cylindrical bore. They are generally mounted instead of unsplit spherical roller bearings with adapter sleeves.

Typical areas of application include conveying equipment, materials processing plant, ventilation plant, rolling mills, ships and paper machinery.

OPTIME Condition Monitor

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Plug. Play. Predict.

Condition monitoring can be expensive. Which is why up to 95% of all machines inside factories are only sporadically monitored, or often not at all. This can lead to unplanned breakdowns and downtime.

OPTIME from Schaeffler allows for comprehensive condition monitoring that is both easy and affordable. Thanks to its simple plug & play installation, OPTIME allows you to start monitoring hundreds of rotating machines in just a few hours.

With the ability to work on almost all machines, OPTIME can detect potential damage, imbalances or misalignments – even weeks in advance! This enables you to easily and conveniently plan your long-term maintenance, manpower or spare-parts requirements

OPTIME is now available in Indonesia!

Schaeffler OPTIME receives the “Red Dot Award“ 2021

The Red Dot Award: Product Design honours the best products each year. Whether aesthetically pleasing, functional, smart or innovative – the objects receiving the award are united by their outstanding design quality.

As of this year, Schaeffler joins the list of “Red Dot Award” winners – which includes leading companies worldwide – for its innovative condition monitoring system OPTIME.

In the “Smart Product” and “Industrial Equipment” categories, the jury consisting of designers, professors and journalists from various specialist areas chose OPTIME to receive the award. OPTIME receiving the award in two categories is testament to the exceptional quality of the product.


Your key benefits at a glance

Highly cost-efficient monitoring

Highly cost-efficient monitoring

Monitoring hundreds of rotating machines for a few cents each per day – up to 50% cheaper than handheld measurement

Installs quickly

Installs quickly

Installing the sensors and setting up the OPTIME app takes mere minutes – no prior experience required

Expert knowledge

Expert know-how

Digital Service provides professional diagnostics based on expert algorithms and machine learning, available 24/7 via app – so you’ll always make the right decision

For beginners & experienced users

For beginners & experienced users

With its intuitive operation, OPTIME provides crucial information and comprehensive expandability – perfect for a broad range of users and applications


This is how OPTIME works


The vibration sensors are attached to each machine using screws or adhesive. Then they are activated via NFC.

All sensors automatically connect to each other and the gateway. Together they form a mesh network, which is among the most reliable and energy-efficient IoT networks available today.

The system can be expanded with additional sensors at any time.


The app displays trends and, using a multi-stage warning system, provides a visual representation of the severity of potential incidents. In an emergency, it can sound an alarm and present additional information.

Exceptionally intuitive in its operation, the app offers a comprehensive array of tools that make it the perfect solution for everyone – from beginners to experts.Depending on the user’s requirements, the monitored machines can be organized into groups. The machines’ operational status can then be displayed in a variety of user-specific formats.


The system detects malfunctions weeks in advance and provides information on the root causes. This works with continuous automatic analyses based on Schaeffler’s extensive rolling bearing expertise, know-how in condition monitoring as well as machine learning algorithms. This way, OPTIME can make planning maintenance work, identifying manpower requirements, and procuring spare parts quick, easy and cost-effective.

The system in action:

The OPTIME system consists of three components:

  • Wireless, battery-powered vibration and temperature sensors that are attached to the machines to monitor their condition. Remarkably quick and easy installation means hundreds of machines can be equipped with sensors in just a few hours.
  • gateway that receives the data from the sensors. The sensors and gateway connect autonomously to form a mesh network, and the gateway transmits the data straight into the cloud – without having to be integrated into the customer’s network.
  • digital service that analyzes the data using proprietary algorithms that draw upon Schaeffler’s extensive technical expertise. The service then supplies you with intuitive diagnostic reports – via an app on your desktop or mobile device – that help you schedule your maintenance activities.

Schaeffler Industrial Symposium

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PT. Fortuna Anekamulti Gemilang is extremely pleased to invite select customers to Schaeffler bearings product and services Symposium 2022, an interactive and technology-sharing symposium.

Having experienced an increasing ongoing demand of bearings consumption in various fields of industrial business over recent years, one of the critical initiatives to be a capable market leader is in providing engineering solutions to our customers aimed at reducing unplanned downtime without sacrificing quality of production output.

We at Schaeffler with our advanced technology, extensive product range and service portfolio are highly committed to make positive impact and contribution to this initiative in various industries which we supply.

The contribution of technology in industry cannot be ruled out in today’s world. Technology implementations can increase machines reliability and efficiency. With 75 years of experience in bearing industry, Schaeffler Lifetime Solutions came to answer this challenge and help many customers to avoid unplanned downtime of their machines and increase their production output.

We at PT. Schaeffler Bearings Indonesia and PT. Fortuna Anekamulti Gemilang look forward to seeing you at Symposium on Saturday, 5th Nov 2022.

PT. Schaeffler bearings Indonesia & PT. Fortuna Anekamulti Gemilang

FAG Black Series Radial Insert Ball Bearings

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Mudah dalam pemasangan, tingkat kebisingan yang rendah, gaya gesekan yang rendah, tahan lama, solusi ekonomis untuk beban kerja yang berat. Menggunakan teknologi seal terbaru untuk menjaga grease tetap di dalam dan mencegah kontaminasi dari luar. Ditambah kekuatan menahan beban yang tinggi dan perlindungan terhadap korosi yang luar biasa dengan lapisan dari Durotect BS.

Hanya dari Schaeffler.

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