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Split spherical roller bearings are principally used where the replacement of unsplit spherical roller bearings would require costly additional work, such as the removal of gears and couplings, the dismounting of drives or the dismantling of shaft power trains.

The use of split spherical roller bearings shortens the downtime of machinery and plant when replacing bearings and the costs involved in bearing replacement are massively reduced. In new designs too, split spherical roller bearings can give considerable cost savings in many cases, since the plant can be simplified and the assembly work required is reduced.
In split spherical roller bearings, the inner ring, outer ring and cage with the roller set are split in half. The split bearing rings are held together by screws.

The internal construction of most split spherical roller bearings corresponds to that of unsplit spherical roller bearings. Split spherical roller bearings have a cylindrical bore. They are generally mounted instead of unsplit spherical roller bearings with adapter sleeves.

Typical areas of application include conveying equipment, materials processing plant, ventilation plant, rolling mills, ships and paper machinery.